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Welcome to our store - FUTURE FURNITURE.

My name is Bartek M .. I am the founders of Future Furniture - FURFUR.COM.

I am Polish distributors of furniture and we sell our products to the majority of European countries.

My company is located in the UK. All service and orders are carried out in our office which is located in Glasgow, Scotland.

Apartment decoration is our passion, that's why we choose the highest quality furniture for you and we have the largest selection of corners, sofas, wall furniture, beds and children's furniture that meet the requirements of our clients.

My goal is to distribute our product across Europe to deliver the product on time and to see the satisfaction of our customers.

My store is translated into several languages ​​to help our customer understand the product description, understand "Terms & Conditions" but all orders and service are in English.

Each client is treated individually. We do what we can to give the customer complete satisfaction. We give you guarantees for furniture, 30% down payment and the rest payable on delivery. Please direct all questions to INFO@FUTFUR.COM. Waiting time to respond to 24H.

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